Minniebank, Peebles, Scotland. 

This handsome stone built Victorian house overlooking the River Tweed required a large family kitchen, utility room, additional bedrooms and bathroom. 


An additional storey was added to the earlier extension at the rear of the house. A highly insulated oak clad box with flat roof replaced most of the original slate roof. Planning restrictions generated a north elevation with clerestory windows and large corner windows, avoiding overlooking the garden of the adjacent property. The walls at ground floor are the coloured render of the original extension contrasting with the new building above.


Careful detailing of the new oak clad extension


The first floor bedroom on the east side cantilevers out beyond the existing building to obtain views towards the river and to gain some light from the south. It also creates a canopy to the patio area below. The kitchen is the new focus to the house linking the original house to the new extension. The large aluminium windows help create a bright modern kitchen and provide links with the garden.

Internal view of the kitchen


Protruding first floor extension which creates a canopy to the patio area below


The more formal elevation facing the river is untouched though a glimpse of the glass extension can be seen behind. 


Before and after pictures


Minniebank, Peebles, Scotland 

Private Client 

Completed, 2010 

90m2 extension + 200m2 house 

John Addison (Structural Engineer) 
Donald Martin Construction (Contractor)